Terms and conditions

The content of these terms and conditions must be known to the buyer and customer. Before you place your order with us you need to be aware of these terms and conditions and agree to them. In all transactions between Holding History and the customer these terms and conditions and Dutch law apply.


Reservation of your order

After you place your order we reserve the product for you awaiting your payment. If full payment is not made in 7 calendar days we reserve the right to cancel your order and list the product as available again. The product remains property of Holding History until full payment of the agreed amount is received.


Payment of orders

Payments have to be made in euros. As indicated full payment of the agreed amount has to be made within 7 calendar days after placing your order. However, there is the possibility for a payment agreement between Holding History and the customer. In this case Holding History reserves the item for the customer until full payment has been done by the customer. In order to do so a down payment of 25% of the agreed total amount is requested. The remaining amount has to be paid within the next 3 months according to the arrangement which has been made between Holding History and the customer.  In this case the product also remains the property of Holding History until the final payment has been done by the customer. Holding History reserves the right to list the product as available again if the customer does not respect the payment agreement at any moment within the agreement. At that point the arrangement does not apply anymore, the product is available for Holding History to sell again, any payments done until that moment are property of Holding History to compensate them for cancellation costs and loss of revenue.


Methods of payment at Holding History:

  • Cash payment
  • Bank transfer
  • PayPal (+ 3,8% costs)
  • iDEAL
  • Bankcontact


Any costs that might be attached to the selected method of payment will be charged to the customer and added to the selling price.


Our details for customers that wish to pay using bank transfer:

Bank: KNAB

Account owner: Holdon History

Bank number: 2581.90.353

IBAN code: NL69 KNAB 0258 1903 53





Guarantee and return policy

In this case we mean a guarantee on the items being original WW2. Holding History sells 100% original WW2 militaria and guarantees this. This guarantee applies to all items offered in our web shop unless specifically indicated otherwise in the products description. After receiving your product, you have an inspection period of 7 calendar days and if you feel that it is not original mention it to us within these 7 days. Off course Holding History wants to hear why you are doubting the item being original to have a healthy discussion. A discussion on the item in this case, not on our policy. If you are not happy about the originality you are free to return it to us. If you want to return an item to us under our guarantee policy please take note of the following:

  • Your claim of the item not being original and your wish to return it has to be made within 7 days of receiving the product.
  • If we receive no claim within the first 7 days we register the sale as official.
  • The item needs to be returned to us in the exact same condition as we shipped it out.
  • Costs for the return shipment will be paid by the customer.
  • If the claim was made within 7 days from receiving the item the amount paid for the item itself will be returned to you after we received the item in the same condition as it was shipped out,
  • If returned to us with damage, incomplete or otherwise not in the same condition as when we shipped it out we reserve the right to cancel the restitution of your payment.
  • Our guarantee and return policy do not apply to items of which is clearly stated in the description that they are not (fully) original.


After an item is returned to us it will be inspected by Holding History. You will be contacted about our findings.

If we find that the item has been returned to us in the same condition as it was when we shipped it out we will we will pay you back the amount you spend on the item itself. Other costs which were made in the initial purchase such as shipping costs or bank transfer costs will not be compensated.


Product description and listings in our web shop

Products will be described as detailed and complete as possible. We will consider the details which are important to indicate originality and market value. These details will also be shown in our pictures as best as we can. If you are missing any details or information please contact us prior to your purchase. This because we want to be as sure as possible that the item matches your expectations. Apart from the guarantee on originality we cannot offer any other return policy. Also, we list our products carefully and we always make sure we list the right price. However, we reserve the right to not make a sale if by chance the price was listed wrong by us.


Shipment and delivery of products

Shipping costs are not included in our prices. Items will be packed with care and effort to prevent transport damage. However, Holding History is not liable for damage or loss of goods during transport. We make use of transport by PostNL and all shipments will be sent out registered. If shipment by PostNL is not possible we will make use of the services of DHL.


Our goal is to deliver your order at the postal service one working day after receiving full payment. However, we might be on a trip in search of more relics and not able to fulfil our goal. On our website you will find notification of us being out of office. When an order is placed during one of our trips we will contact you to inform you about our return and when we will be able to ship your order.


Personal information and privacy

Holding History will not share your contact details with others. Also, we will only use your information to prepare and ship your order and not for any other purposes. Unless you choose to be informed by us when we make updates to our web shop. In that case we will use your email address to inform you that products were added to our web shop.


Deactivated weapons will only be sold with official EU certificates of deactivation and will only be sold to individuals older than 18 years of age. When purchasing such items proof off your age must be provided to Holding History.


The customer is responsible to abide terms, conditions and legislation of their country of origin. We do ship orders all over the world. We however are not knowledgeable about all legislation for all destination. When making a purchase it is the customers responsibility to be sure the item is legal and permitted into their country.

If you have neglected this and the product is not permitted into your country after shipment you will have no right to our return policy. In the case an item is returned to us by the authorities of your country we will not refund your payment. In this case we offer you the possibility to purchase other items which are legal and use your initial payment for these products.   If you spend more than your initial payment we will charge you for the remaining amount.


Holding History reserves the right to decide to not process orders made from a specific country or person. For example, when a countries or persons values do not align with our values. Or when our government forbids trade with your country.


Due to the nature of our products it is of great importance to us that you only purchase these items for historical, study or collecting purposes. Being a customer of Holding History, you acknowledge this and bind yourself to this. You also agree to not use items purchased from us for glorification of ideologies, political use or other illegal use to which we do not want to be associated.


Again, we stress that Holding History does not have, and does not wish to have, any association with political ideology. We expect no less from our customers.



All images and texts on our website are property of Holding History or used with consent of the original owner. We will protect this property under the copyright law. It is forbidden to use any of our pictures and texts for any online publication or printing without our consent. If this is done without our consent we will take the appropriate actions.