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Original boc with Masken Brille sets



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SKU: GE430
Categorie: Equipment, German Militaria

Original box with Masken Brille sets. All Masken Brille sets are unissued, in new condition and complete. The glasses have no lences as they were never used or issued. The orignal cartboard box is marked with M6060. Also all Masken Brille boxes are marked with M6060. All glasses have a label and are also all marked with M6060. The 2 pink packages contain the lences, each pink paper package contains 10 lences. In the other cartboard box contains 19 paper pouches. Each pouch is marked with Halbmunschel and contain glasses. These glasses were probably used to determin the focus they needed for the lences when issueing a set to a soldier, Very nice complete set, all matching numbers and in new condition!

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