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German Tunic Heer Infantry Oberleutnant



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SKU: GU077
Categorie: German Militaria, Uniforms

German tunic in very good condition. One small hole in the back of the tunic as can be seen in the pictures. Otherwise undamaged and complete. With shoulderboards in the rank of Oberleutnant, collar tabs and breast eagle. The field blouse started out as a Field Blouse for an Enlisted Man. It is likely this has been altered to officer grade with another collar and slip on shoulder boards. The white piping indicates that this Oberleutnant served in the Infantry. The lining is also in good condition and stamped. The lanyard is for a Marksman. The lanyard is not worn by officers, but is included in the price. It is attached to the button and can be easily removed if so desired. I just thought it would be nice to leave it with the uniform and have the new owner decide what to do with it

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