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German helmet M42 Luftwaffe single decal camouflage


SKU: GH266
Categorie: Archive

German helmet of the type M42 in good condition. The maker and size marking is somewhat difficult to read, but will be ET64. The lot number is no longer visible. The number 5439 is painted in the rim of the helmet by hand and covers the lot number. The helmet is camouflaged in the colors green, light brown and dark brown. On the top of the helmet some camouflage paint with structure can still be seen. At one point chickenwire was applied to this helmet. This is best visible on the back of the shell. On the close-up picture of the back the outline of the chickenwire can be seen. The decal is covered by the camouflage paint, but is partially visible. The liner is supple and has some small damages. The chinstrap is supple, full length and RBNr marked. Very cool Luftwaffe helmet!

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