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German helmet M40 Polizei double decal


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German helmet of the type M40 in good condition. Maker and size marked with Q64. Also the lot number is stamped in the back of the helmet. Making this a so called Quist rear marked shell. The shell is in good condition. Much of its original factory finish remains. Some wear to the shell, mainly on top. Both decals have been well preserved, the Police eagle is fully present. As is the party shield, remarkable detail is that the party shield has been placed incorrect and is crooked. Complete with liner and chin strap. The liner is supple, undamaged and with drawstring. A name was written on the leather three times. It must be said that the liner is in very good condition compared to the shell. The split pens correspont on the outside in color with the shell. Also no double fold can be seen on the inside. In my opinion the linerband and the split pens therefor belong originally to this shell. However there is a change that the leather part of the liner, which is an original, has been placed on this linerband at a later stage. The chinstrap is full length. It is supple, but somewhat more dry compared to the liner. It has been placed over the visor for a long time and this can be seen by the shape of the chin strap. Very cool Police helmet!

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