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German helmet M38 Fallschirmjäger ex Single Decal


SKU: GH245
Categorie: Archive

German helmet of the type M38 as worn by Fallschirmjäger, paratroopers. This example is in excellent condition and complete with all parts. Maker and size marked with ET68, also the lot number is stamped into the back of the helmet. The shell is undamaged and still nicely in its original color. The Luftwaffe decal has been period removed. The shadow of where the decal was can still be clearly seen. The shell is complete with liner and chin straps. The liner is supple and undamaged, The stamp with shell and liner size is clearly present. The maker mark stamp has faded. Also a name is written on the leather by hand. The writing has faded somewhat but can still be seen. The chin straps are also complete and supple. One press button is missing. Very nice condtion German paratrooper helmet!

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