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German helmet M35 Luftwaffe Flak camouflage and gas mask canister


SKU: GH255
Categorie: Archive

German helmet of the type M35 in good condition, maker and size marked with ET64. Also the lotnumber is stamped into the back of the helmet. The helmet is camouflaged in mainly grey, but also green and yellow can be seen. The camouflage paint remains for the large part. On the inside the original Luftwaffe blue finish can still be seen. A rank and name was written on the inside rim. This has been lost for the large part, but the rank Obergefreiter can still be made out. The helmet is complete with liner. The liner band is a very early single band. The leather has discolored, but is supple and undamaged. On the inside of the leather a name tag was sewn. Also a Luftwaffe Flak stamp is present. It has faded, but can be recognised.


The gas mask canister is in fair condition. The canister has the same colors and same camouflage pattern as the helmet does. The grey has discolored to yellow mainly, but the grey can still be seen on the bottom of the canister. This is the same type of grey on the helmet, also the green stripes are the same as on the helmet. The webbing is missing. To open and close the canister a piece of chinstrap was applied. Cool Luftwaffe Flak camouflage helmet and matching canister!

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