Collectors corner

On this page you will find interesting links to sites with good information, visual references and items. Personally I am always interested in good information. If you know of any links that should be on here please let me know. I will be sure to check them out and post them here.

German Helmet Vault

A site with valuable and interesting information for the collector of German helmets.

Bevrijders 1944

This site links to an impressive collection that will also be temporarily displayed in 2019.


This site also has a lot of good information and references for the German helmet collector.

Warrelics Forum

A great network of collectors with expertise in lots of areas. Also you will find many references and information on different subjects.

Militaria Plaza

A great online shop with Original (mainly German) World War Two militaria.

JM Militaria

A great online shop with a diversity of items from the Second World War. Like German, Canadian and British militaria.

FJM 44

A great online shop with lots of German World War Two militaria for sale.


A great online shop with lots of German World War Two militaria and related items for sale.

Circa 1941

Very interesting website with information on World War 2 helmets. Besides the information there is also a great availability of original helmets to purchase for your collection.


HB militaria

New shop to keep an eye on. With growing and diverse listings